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Every athlete has his or her own perfect fantasy.  Racing fans dream of tearing up the Laguna Seca.  Up-and-coming baseball heroes practice day and night in hopes of batting one over the vines at Wrigley Field.  And no golfer's life is complete without a golf vacation on the Emerald Isle.  If ever there existed a heavenly place for golfers, it would surely be Ireland.

Ireland is the world-renowned home of some of the finest golf courses. The beautiful country offers fabulous golf courses that are sure to suit every golfer's dream.  Few other parts of the world can compare to the lush of greenery and vibrant, natural beauty of the rolling fields of Ireland.  It combines gorgeous parkland golf courses with challenging link golf courses, offering a complete and unique package.  If you like to golf, you'll absolutely love an Ireland golf vacation.

Many of Ireland's link golf courses are natural creations, carved from the sand dunes of Ireland's coastline.  The Ireland coast is dotted with sea inlets that provide challenging and satisfying games for even the most advanced golfers.  Parkland golf courses, on the other hand, are inland areas set among oak trees, many of which are more than a hundred years old.  Combined with Ireland's natural hilly terrain, these create the perfect golf course.

The natural beauty and challenging golf courses earned Ireland the honor of hosting the 2006 Ryder Cup, adding incredible value to those enjoying an Ireland golf vacation. The event was open to all guests of the K Club, located in County Kildare.

Those who really know and appreciate the timeless sport of golf will not think twice before packing up for an Ireland golf vacation.  If you choose to embark on this unforgettable adventure, be sure to make the most of it. Don't limit your explorations to only the golf courses.  Be willing to venture out and experience everything that the Irish people and the country have to offer.  The sightseeing spots are every bit as fabulous as the golf course.  It can be hard to fit everything in to your Ireland golf vacation itinerary, so be sure to plan your visit ahead of time to make the most of your holiday.

While you'll likely spend a significant portion of your time golfing those exquisite courses, do try to fit some additional excursions around your tee times.  It can take some serious planning and schedule juggling, but it will be well worth the effort.  Try to fill in your breaks with sightseeing throughout the countryside, so that you don't' feel as though you've missed something when the end of your Ireland golf vacation rolls around.  You'll experience the best of both worlds in one fantastic getaway.

It's worth noting that when planning an Ireland golf vacation, one should consider all of the accommodation choices.  Hotels and restaurants ranges from quaint, family-run establishments to larger international hotels.  There are high-end accommodations available in historic castles.  Ireland offers a chain of guesthouses, which are linked to small hotels.  These smaller hotels often offer wonderful localized home-cooked meals, offering visitors a real taste of Ireland.  As you're planning your Ireland golf vacation, remember to sample a number of different restaurants.  From intimate to expansive, affordable to expensive, many Irish restaurants prepare top quality cuisine using their own recipes.  Like the links and courses of Ireland, every one is a little bit different.

When you're ready to embark on your dream getaway, make it an Ireland golf vacation.  You'll encounter sights, sounds, flavors and above all, a golf game that you've never experienced before.
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