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Wondering where to take the kids for spring break or other holidays?  Want to know how to find the best beach in Spain, or the best coldest cervesa in Mexico?  Online travel forums can help you find answers to all of your questions.

A number of travel forums are easily accessible on the Internet.  This is due in part to developments that have occurred in the virtual system, as well as in the fact that more and more people today are interested in travel related matters.  It seems that everyone has the caught the travel bug.  Many people have stories to tell about their journeys, and many more need information about destinations and methods of travel.  Travel forums act as message boards, allowing people to find answers, get information or just sound off.  

Travel forums generally cover varied topics and include a number of sections and features to help users find or supply information.  Interested people will find that all of the categories are worth discovering, as they all deal with travel and travel-related issues.


Question and Answer sections are among the most-used areas in travel forums.  In this section, users can post questions about a particular place or topic, and receive advice from those with firsthand experience.  For instance, if you plan to travel to a specific country or city, or even an island, you can ask specific questions and compare the responses you receive.  You will likely receive positive and negative opinions about any topic being discussed, so this is a great way to evaluate different takes on a particular destination or subject. Q&A boards can offer surprisingly valuable tips and insight, including travel guides and "insider" information about foreign destinations.

Road Food

One of the most exciting aspects of travel is trying new cuisine.  Most travel message boards have a section devoted to foreign foods.  It is where you'll find the road to the best chili in Cincinnati, the finest fish and chips in London or the most succulent foi gras in Paris.  This is also where you'll find restaurant reviews and information on foods that are indigenous to a particular destination.


Travel message boards often include a special section just for campers and RV enthusiasts.  If you are planning to backpack across Europe or drive your RV through the Canadian north, this is your message board.  Here you can share camping and RV tips, recipes, trip maps, great camping spots and a lot more.

Weird Wanderings

Another notable section of travel forums is the section dedicated to the stranger side of traveling.  Fans of ghosts and ghouls, monsters and pulp fiction are particularly drawn to the Weird Wanderings section.  If you're looking for the most haunted castle in Germany, the best place to spot the Loch Ness monster, or even where you're most likely to see a UFO, don't miss this section.  It's also a great place to tell your own ghost stories related to a particular place.  Visit the Weird Wanderings section of your travel forum # if you dare!

Before you pack your luggage, buy your tickets or even choose your destination, take the time to browse travel forums.  You'll find priceless information and valuable insights that can help make the most of your vacation time.
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