Great Sanibel Island Golf
From weekend golfers to certified pros, everyone searching for a challenging game with a spectacular view will love the golf on Sanibel Island.

Located in sub-tropical southwestern Florida, Sanibel Island welcomes golfers with several public access championship golf courses and more than a dozen executive or par three courses.  These exciting courses, coupled with breathtaking scenery, provide an absolutely unforgettable golf experience for athletes of all skill levels.

Before you embark on your Sanibel Island golf adventure, there are a few points to keep in mind:

* Be an Early Bird:  Plan on arriving a few minutes before the scheduled tee time.  Sanibel Island golf experts often recommend taking the time to arrive early, and using the time to stretch and get your muscles primed for action.  A proper warm-up will prevent muscle soreness, and can make a big difference in your game.

* Practice Makes Perfect:  Before your game begins, warm up your swing at the driving range.  This will help you to get the kinks out of your swing before your game begins.   Some Sanibel Island golf courses also have facilities available to practice chipping and putting.  Taking the time for warm-up practice will certainly be reflected in the success of your overall game.

* Beat the Heat:
  No one ever intended for golf to be considered an "extreme" sport.  While Sanibel Island is known for great golfing, it's famous for the warm climate.  If hot temperatures affect your game, consider booking your tee times in early morning or late afternoon.  You'll be able to experience the excitement of Sanibel Island golf, without having to deal with extreme heat.

* Water, Water Everywhere: 
There's nothing more frustrating that being on an island surrounded by water, and not having a drop to drink.  This is not only a nuisance, but also a health hazard.  The Sanibel Island sun and heat will be relentless, so begin hydrating yourself before you hit the links.  The humid climate can also rob you of fluids as you play, so bring along several bottles of water for re-hydration.

* Cover Up:  A good quality sunscreen should always be your first priority, even on cloudy or relatively cool days.  Protect your skin with a waterproof sunscreen containing an SPF of at least 15, and wear a light colored hat to help keep your cool.

* Attitude Adjustment: 
Confidence is key to an excellent golf game, wherever you're teeing off.  Sanibel Island golf is largely a mental game, so maintaining a positive attitude could be the deciding factor in landing that hole in one.

* Save a Little Green:  Many Sanibel Island golf courses offer special twilight rates.  Taking advantage of these reduced rates can allow you to play more courses, or play more often on your favorite greens.

* Beat the Breeze:  As with all islands, Sanibel Island is prone to breezy days, particularly in fall and winter months.  Winds can tend to reach as high as 20 mph from any direction, so be prepared to adjust your shot to compensate.  Regardless of which way the wind blows, you can bet that the temperature will still be delightful.

* Get Wild:
You won't only be sharing the Sanibel Island golf course with other players; you may also find yourself sharing the green with native wildlife.  Pack along a pair of binoculars or a camera to catch the incredible moment when you meet a Sanibel Island denizen.  Keep your eyes on the skies too, as you'll likely catch a glimpse of a graceful snowy egret or sand hill crane.

* Have Fun: Above all else, remember that you're on vacation and you're playing a game.  You don't want to return home feeling more stressed than you did when you left, so relax and enjoy the experience.

The glorious climate and awe-inspiring scenery makes Sanibel Island golf a dream for athletes of all skill levels.  Follow these tips and you'll have an experience that you'll always remember.